My Top Rain Tips

Rain Rain Go Away, Stay Clear On My Wedding Day!

One of the last things a bride wants to think about is what happens if it rains on your wedding day!

But the truth is that the more you prepare for this situation, the happier you will be if it does happen.

As they say it’s good luck if it Rains on your Wedding Day.

Being a wedding photographer, I have personally photographed several rainy day weddings throughout the years.

I’m so excited to share with you the tips below in hopes that it will help you prepare just in case it rains on your special day J

 {Get colourful gum boots and umbrellas} 

Preferably colours that will go with your wedding theme colours. Purchasing these items prior to your wedding will definitely make you feel more relaxed.

Also if you have gumboots, you will likely be more willing to go out in the rain for photos because you won’t mind stepping on wet grass or sand as much as you would in heels.











I also love these different umbrellas below. Parasols are so cute and have a vintage style that are perfect as an accessory even if you have a sunny day!


We always provide clear/white umbrellas for all your bridal party (seen in our wedding photos below). These umbrellas are great as they still let the light in on your face and they will match any colour theme you may have.



{Interview your photographer} 

Make sure to ask your photographer if they know what to do in case it rains.

As I have been shooting weddings for many years, I have been able to learn a lot of different techniques and experiment with lighting in rain situations.  

I have also mastered being able to hold an umbrella in one hand and use my camera in the other!


{Makeup/hair tips}

It is really important to hire professional to do your hair and makeup. Make sure they are using “Waterproof or water-resistant makeup” and that you have a matching colour compact and touch up kit to have with you during the day.


If your face does get a little wet you will easily be able to fix it on the location shoot. Make up is not permanent so just be cautious if you cry try to catch it, if you get wet by the rain dab it or pat it do NOT rub it.



{Be flexible with time}

It’s always nice on the day to have a little bit of extra time up your sleeve for the location shoot. This way you will be able to wait a little while indoors for the heavy rain to pass and then you can quickly go out when the rain isn’t too heavy to get some pictures.

If it is heavy rain all of the location shoot allocated time it’s great if your willing to shoot during reception. As mentioned above, sometimes it can all of a sudden stop raining and it’s the perfect time to go outside and take a few dusk photos.

It’s great to be flexible about your timeline during the reception and if it does rain your DJ/Band and photographer can work together to maybe push back the speeches a few minutes in order for you to go outside for more photos.


{Have a safe location}

Look for locations to shoot under prior to the wedding which are close to your wedding venues. Most venues have some nice foyers, stairs, hallways etc.

The wedding below was taken during a very rainy day. There were some very handy undercover spots for us to capture. We just waited for the rain to ease and then made our way back outside when the weather allowed.  

Other locations to look for prior to the wedding would be a balcony, barn, or even gazebo to photograph under. Try to make sure there is a lot of natural light.

If you are hiring a getting ready location, this venue could be a great rain weather option if you choose a cottage on a property or a hotel which allows photographs in the well lit foyer, hallways etc.



{Bring towels}

It’s great to have some towels to dry off any seating, so you can sit down and you won’t get wet or dirty. Your photographer should bring the towels to the wedding but it’s a great tip to remind them just in case they aren't prepared. 

We always bring along clean towels and blankets in the boot of our car ready to go just in case for your wedding day.



{Wear a veil} 

It’s nice to wear a veil because it’s just such a fun accessory to photograph and get different looks close up that look romantic.

Veils also make for really cute and photo journalistic shots if they blow in the wind as seen below. They can also help keep they rain off your hair and face.































{Have your wedding coordinator/planner help} 

Hiring a venue which includes a wedding coordinator one of the best decisions you can make on your wedding day. They have usually seen all different scenarios and can assist in helping to find locations, or switch around ceremony locations and help alter the timeline as needed. 

It’s great to have a thorough chat with your wedding coordinator about the Plan B options at the venue from the very beginning of the planning process. Entertain both scenarios in your head as you plan, and don’t just daydream about the sunny day.

That way, if it does rain, you’ll be mentally prepared for the rain and you’ll know exactly where to go for the ceremony, location photos.

Leave extra time in your day-of itinerary for photos in case of rain, since you’ll need to get to and from your ‘rain’ location, wherever that is.   


{Be relaxed, trust your photographer and smile}

While rain on your wedding day is not ideal, it’s still your one and only wedding day and it’s better if you just go with the flow and enjoy! 

If it rains on your wedding day it won’t mean your day is ruined... I’m sure as soon as you look into your husband’s eyes, you will be nothing but be filled with happiness. Enjoy the love you have, and your close family and friends that are so special to you, and then just smile and have fun!


I hope this top tips help you prepare for your possibly rainy wedding day!

If you would like to have a chat about your wet weather options on your wedding day please Contact Me Today!

Amanda xxx

Owner & Head Photographer of Sherringham Photography.

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