Bride Tips:: Tackling the wedding day timeline!

Here are my top tips to help you tackle your wedding day timeline!


You may think that Wedding Timelines are fussy, boring and maybe even unnecessary. But, I promise you that they can feel very 'go with the flow' if done right. Having a solid Timeline actually guarantees that your wedding day will be more enjoyable and that you'll be more relaxed


+ What's Important to YOU :: I encourage you to get together with your fiancé and decide what is most important to you both. Can't wait for the First Look? Talking with your Guests or hearing the heart-felt speeches? Dancing the night away? Knowing this, you can prioritise and plan the Timeline around what you'll enjoy and remember the most. Reach out if you'd like my help!


+ My Top Tips :: 

1. Include 'Buffer' Time :: Add 15-20 minutes extra, wherever you can, to allow for the unexpected: traffic delays, waiting on key family members to arrive, using the restroom/freshening your make-up, and just simple downtime, etc.

2. Plan for The Light :: I work with all my couples to make sure that we aren't doing the location/bridal party photos at the height of the day {when the sun is the harshest} and that we have plenty of time for gorgeous sunset photographs.

3. Use A Coordinator :: Even if you aren't working with a Wedding Coordinator to plan the entire wedding, do consider organising a trusted friend or professional as the 'Day-Of Coordinator'. This person is great for helping to keep things on track - but most importantly - to relieve any stress that could be placed on you and to field all the logistical questions that could come your way on the day-of.



+ Sample Timeline :: Might look something like this for a wedding in daylight savings {October til March}!

10:00am - Bride begins her prep

2pm - Photographers arrive for final prep photos and details

3:20pm - Downtime before Ceremony {photographer leaves to capture groom/ ceremony setup}

4pm – Ceremony

4:30pm- Guests Congratulations

4:45pm – Large group photo of entire wedding and Family Photos

5pm - Couple and Wedding Party fun photos! {::Extra Hint: Have an esky packed full of drinks & nibbles for your bridal party, they will have real smiles on their faces in the photos!!!::}

5:30pm - Cocktail Hour {For your guests whilst you are location shoot} 

6:15pm- Downtime with your bridal party {A chance to touch up your makeup and hair}

6:30pm – Reception Start Time/Dinner

8:00pm - Sunset Portraits {for Summer weddings I can take these in less than 5 minutes, I’m very quick! }

8:15pm - Speeches

8:30pm - Cake Cutting and First Dances

8:45pm - Dessert served and Dancing continues!

10:30pm - Last Call

11pm - Guests depart


Remember, your Timeline doesn't have to be set in stone - it's a Guideline. You can be flexible with this as necessary, to keep things relaxed and fun!

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat about your Timeline options...


Happy Planning!



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